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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tablet PCs: iPad, Galaxy Tab, Playbook

The tablet PC revolution initiated by the iPad and its overwhelming popularity has encouraged many prestigious companies to expand their production the new area.
Black Berry has revealed its intend in joining the race with its Play Book which was known as Black Pad earlier. Another competent model recently hit the global market is the Galaxy Tab by the reputed Samsung. Even if there has been a flurry of tablets by various electronic manufacturers, only a few could gather wide attention.
If you are planning of buying a tablet, all these different choices will flash in your mind and you will find that the picking up one from them that suits your requirement will be a daunting task. Once you get a clear picture of the characteristics of the products of different vendors, it will be very simple to identify the tablet that is made for you.

 Do you prefer to choose a tablet with bigger screen size? Then your choice is simple and you can ignore the Galaxy Tab or the BlackBerry PlayBook. iPad is far ahead of them in this feature since their product comes with a 9.7-inch display whereas the other two offer only 7 inch display. The displays resolution of both Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry PlayBook is 1024*600 pixels but the iPad comes with a magnificent display of 1024*768 pixels, which gives them a clear edge among the tablet lovers. Still some people prefer the smaller ones since it is more portable and handy. Moreover, the smaller display gives more sharpness to the image. Your personal liking has a vital role in deciding a product.
There are customers who buy products that keep better quality whereas the others are conscious about the effortless use of electronic gadgets. The products of Apple are user-friendly devices that helped their products to get a commanding demand among the lot who prefer to use electronic devices which are easily operated. But, the Apple company is pitting in more effort in ensuring the top quality of hardware and as a result their iPad is endowed with extremely efficient hardware. The product is equipped with the A4 Processor along with 256MB of RAM. In addition the battery offers the operating time of 10 hours and it is a good performance when we think that the product was launched almost a year before.
Galaxy Tab comes with ARM Cortex A8 processor its RAM's capacity is two times more than that of its rival, iPad. However, the battery life of Galaxy Tab is 3 hours less compared to the other one. The PlayBook is the most technologically enhanced device among the three gadgets and it uses the latest dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor with 1GB RAM which gives superior performance.

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