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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Connecting a SPDIF Cable

An SPDIF cable is a connection that is made specifically for audio purposes. SPDIF basically stands for Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format and can be referred to as S/PDIF, S/P-DIF, and IEC 958 type 2. This cable is able to transmit stereo digital audio signals from PC audio cards, CD players, DVD players, car audio systems, or any sound systems that can transmit or receive stereo digital audio through a modified optical or electrical cable.
Using the cable to transmit the stereo digital audio signal on a device is not difficult. To do that, first, you will need to remove the power cords from the devices you wish to connect. After that, you can look around on the device to find the cable connections, to make sure that both devices have their own SPDIF ports.

Buildings With Fiber

Buildings with fiber have pre-installed optic fiber network connections. Renting out or purchasing such a building for business purposes, you can get to use high-speed Ethernet connections which provide huge bandwidth and improved connectivity.
To put it plainly buildings with fiber are places with high bandwidth network connections. Also known as fiber lit buildings, they have pre-installed fiber optic connections providing faster internet connectivity. With rapidly growing communication needs, there is an ever-increasing demand for higher speeds and improved connectivity than what is provided by a traditional broadband. A fairly new concept, lit buildings consist of high-speed Ethernet network connections, ideal for a business setting. Existing businesses and also new businesses setting up operation can use a lit building map to locate buildings with fiber connections.

3D Animation And Special Effects

An exciting and rapidly growing area of 3D animation is not in story telling at all. Special effects, whether it is blowing up a ship, melting a building, or killing a person, are hot and becoming incredibly possible in a digital 3D environment. Having some experience in special effects is a good idea for any demo reel.
However, as the entertainment industry pushes the 3D industry, and vice versa, the paradigm and techniques are forever changing. Do not spend too much time on any one technique; it may be antiquated before you even finish your project. Students ask all the time for general rules for doing special effects. The general rule is that there are no rules. Digital effects are so often mixed with real-time effects or cinematography that it becomes nearly impossible to tell which is which, and which is happening when.