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Friday, October 22, 2010

The 4G Standard Will Be Postponed To Make It Public

The 4G standard, which was planed to pass in October of this year, will be postponed to make it public in the spring of 2012; therefore, the way to make out the 4G standard will be more difficult. According to the early plan made by the experts in international telecommunication, the object should be defined by the scientists in October, but the radio meeting is postponed to the spring of 2012. The last approval will be in the spring of 2012.
All these mean that the October of this time should be understood as the experts choose the standard to ask for approval. According to the process of international telecommunication, the approval should be done by the radio conference. Obviously, if the experts group does not agree the sent programmes, they will be excluded from the last standard; although the expert group greens the programmes, there are still so many challenges on the period of time.
With the development of the technology and different political forces, some approved standards are possible to be deleted; which will be a test for the countries related to this event. However, experts also maintain that this situation is rare in history, namely, the outcome in October will be the key.
Currently, there are six techniques of the 4G standard, including the IEEE802.16m which comes from North-America, the Japanese techniques, the LTE-A from 3GPP, the Korean and Chinese technology and the LTE-A from Europe. The LTE-Advanced and 802.16m have gained the support from different manufacturers and camps. The operating corporations and manufacturing corporations of the international communication all support the LTE-Advanced. The 802.16m is derived from the WiMax, which is also promoted by the manufacturers of chip and network products. The 4G standard is not defined; therefore, the world's deployment of the 4G will be influenced. The related integrated circuit is TLP633.
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