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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Buildings With Fiber

Buildings with fiber have pre-installed optic fiber network connections. Renting out or purchasing such a building for business purposes, you can get to use high-speed Ethernet connections which provide huge bandwidth and improved connectivity.
To put it plainly buildings with fiber are places with high bandwidth network connections. Also known as fiber lit buildings, they have pre-installed fiber optic connections providing faster internet connectivity. With rapidly growing communication needs, there is an ever-increasing demand for higher speeds and improved connectivity than what is provided by a traditional broadband. A fairly new concept, lit buildings consist of high-speed Ethernet network connections, ideal for a business setting. Existing businesses and also new businesses setting up operation can use a lit building map to locate buildings with fiber connections.

With speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, Ethernet networks provide huge bandwidth and powerful LAN network connections. As businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on high bandwidth broadband connections to manage their office affairs, more and more organizations are today going in for buildings with fiber. Setting up a business requires huge expenses for developing the infrastructure. Construction costs apart, setting up suitable network connections requires proper fiber optic wiring for the entire office building.
Many companies rent out or purchase buildings for their operation purposes. And if those buildings were not equipped with proper network connections, then the companies would have to make additional expenses and go through the entire process of installing fiber optic cables and wires themselves. Changing the entire wiring and going in for a fiber optic network connection after the completion of a building is a very difficult task. That is why businesses today look for fiber lit buildings with pre-existing high-speed optic fiber network connection facility to set up their operation.
The lit buildings have several advantages over regular commercial buildings. The huge bandwidth of Ethernet connections help a business organization to meet its entire communication needs comfortably. With 100Mbps speed of a Fast Ethernet and 1000Gbps speed of a Gigabit Ethernet, data transmission receives a new meaning altogether. Not requiring any additional circuitry, you can directly use the service providers' network, which improves the quality of service. Thus a single network can connect several buildings over a large area. With such high speeds and improved connectivity, you can remain connected with your clients around the world 24x7 and increase your business' turnout.
Using a lit building locator, you can know about all the buildings with fiber connections in an area. With each optic fiber strand having the capability to support Gigabit Ethernet, and a single cable having hundreds of such strands, you can get huge bandwidth and speed to run your organization's entire operations smoothly. So renting out or purchasing fiber lit buildings is definitely advantageous and can contribute in a big way in the success of your business operations.
George Yee is a consultant for buildings with fiber. To learn more about this topic, visit for free information in finding the best technical solution for your requirements.

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