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Friday, October 22, 2010

Stop - Most PS3 Consoles Don't Play The Entire Playstation Library

One of the biggest misconceptions in the video game market is whether my brand new Playstation 3 slim console will play ps2 games. The answer is no, it is not backwards compatible. Sony stopped making backwards compatible consoles in 2007.
Why did Sony stop making backwards compatible consoles? The money, plain and simple, if Sony made every console backwards compatible they would lose money. By not making all systems backwards compatible Sony is still able to make and sell Playstation 2 games. Sony is still releasing the latest PS3 titles on the PS2. Not every great PS3 title is available, this is the reason they want you to buy a PS3 console. Many of the latest sports games are still released on ps2; Madden NFL 11 was just release for Ps2 and the PS3 consoles.
Which models are backwards compatible? The easiest way to tell is by the number of usb ports, backwards compatible consoles have four usb ports. Of course the entire lists of the consoles are the original fat PS3 Consoles. The Models of the consoles are as follows: CECHEO1 which is an 80 GB console, CECHAO1 which is a 60 GB console, and CECHB01 which is a 20 GB console. You can check your model number by looking on the bottom of the console, under the factory seal. A few other PS3 consoles are compatible with many Playstation 1 games, but many consoles don't have the necessary chips installed to play Playstation 2 games.

So don't disappoint yourself by purchasing a PS3 slime console, with hopes of playing your library of PS1 & PS2 games. You may still want to hold on to your PS2 console, or check out the playstation store to download many great titles for around $10 dollars. The Playstation store is a great feature, with about 450 different games to choose from. Including many great PS1 titles such as Final Fantasy Vii and many classics form the Nintendo NES and Sega libraries.
The Old School Game Vault ( ) offers its customers exactly what they are looking for when it comes time to sell Playstation games. So remember it's your money to lose make the right decision.

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